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Eating Disorder (BED)



  • Eating a substantial amount of food in a very short period of time (this is a frequent activity --the DSM V states "a binge occurs on average at least once a week over a period of 3 months)
  • Purging to get rid of the food. If you purge through over-exercise, vomit, intensive restricting, take laxatives.
  • Loss of control over eating during a binge
  • Eating even when it is uncomfortable to do so (e.g., you are full but keep eating, food has lost its taste)
  • Lots of guilt and shame related to your eating behaviour
  • Negative or overly focused body image issues
  • Lots of time spent thinking about food (good food, bad food)

  If you are concerned that you might have binge eating disorder (BED)  it is important to find support.  

  If you are concerned about your eating, please call and discuss.  I provide a brief confidential opportunity to talk on the phone, free of charge.  (647) 970-4223.


Remember you are not alone!  Getting help is a very positive and a brave step towards recovery.